RELEASED: 31/05/2014
ARTIST: Friday's Spirit
LABEL: self published
PRODUCER: Friday's Spirit
Old Traditions New Shine EP (2014)

Old Traditions New Shine” was written when we faced situations that everyone has to face when growing up. It’s about friendship, love, disappointments, decisions, and all those crazy moments that make life worth living. However, it’s not a life guide – just a combination of moments and music.



[From our interview with imoveilive]

Why did you select this song as your current single?

“AS LONG AS I CAN SING” is a song, which captures all the memories of the time when we wrote the EP “Old Traditions New Shine”. We wrote this song together with our good friend and former bass player Luki. Also, we liked the idea of having a shred of him left in our band’s existence, so we made a video combining all these special moments. As our lead singer Flo works in a salt mine (seriously), he’s normally a little bit down — and that’s the most positive song. However, doesn’t always help to cheer him up.

…But to cut a long story short, we simply liked this one the best.

How does this single relate to the rest of the album?

It balances the EP out quite well we’d say. On the one hand, it has good punk rock elements, which of course you wanna hear in a punk rock show. On the other hand, it has a good flow as well as a cozy rhythm. With the most songs being loud, fast, and in-your-face like, it’s pretty much necessary to have a cool downer in your set. But basically, it’s the most commercial one we gotta make a living dude!

what was the writing process for the song?

The writing process for this song was pretty much the same as the writing process for all our songs. Flo took paper and pen, he sat down and then he wrote it. Just kidding. Usually, someone comes up with a basic song concept and we all work on it together. Mostly, it takes us longer to finish a song, but we want it to be perfect for everyone. However, not every single idea becomes a song in the end it needs time, effort, and beer.

what does this songs lyrics mean to you?

It reflects our love for music and the importance of friendship.

what would it be like to see you in person performing this song?



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